2-713 – Redneck Country in Food and Photo Cookbook

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Redneck Country in food and Photo Book
44 pages

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Redneck Country In Food & Photo Pure Country Recipes With A Touch Of Nostalgia Compiled by Ella Mae Tucker Just for the fun of it we’ve taken recipes we’ve collected over time and combined them with some photographs from our family album. If you’re pure country, and even if you’re not, you’ll probably enjoy these recipes. And the photos are interesting to say the least. Redneck Country features over 120 pure country recipes, many of which would be difficult to find anywhere else. Just a few examples of the unique recipes you will discover: Boiled Cookies; Buffalo Berry Catsup; Buttermilk Pop; Chess Pie; Coon ‘n Collards; Corn Pone; Homemade Cottage Cheese; Crow; Dandelion Wine; Dutch Honey; Farkleberry Pie; Fried Blackbird; Frog Legs; Green Tomato Pie; Gumbo Zap Soup; Groundhog, Woodchuck, Whistlepig; Head Cheese; Homemade Vinegar; Irish Potato Pie; Hoppin’ John; Huckleberry Gems; Johnny Cake; Leather Britches; Mayhaw Jelly; Molasses Pie; Opossum; Paw Paw Cookies; Peanut Soup; Roast Pigeon; Poke Sallet; Porch Ice Cream; Poor Boy Oyster Soup; Pumpkin, Carrot or Squash Butter; Rattle Snake; Poverty Soup; Prune Whip; Quail, Snipe, Plove or Woodcock; Rhubarb Pie; Riffles; Rolled Dumplings; Rose Hip Puree; Rusks; Scripture Cake; Sheep Sorrel Pie; Skunk; Sheepshire Jelly; Slicks, Slip-Downs or Flat Dumplings; Slumps; Snow Ice Cream; Sodie Biscuits; Spiced Grunts; Spiced Wacky Cake; Stewed Rabbit; Stewed Radishes; Sugar Pie; Sweet ¢Tator Jelly; Turnip Greens; Venison Meat Balls; Vinegar Pie; Wild Grape Dumplings; Yeast Foam Cake; Wild Duck Plucking …and many more! These recipes have been around for a long time and have been collected or given to us from all kinds of sources. All are real but it’s up to you if you want to try some. We haven’t tried the skunk recipe ourselves, but please let us know if you do. So enjoy the book and remember, the next time someone says, “you’re going to have to eat crow,” you’ll know how to cook it. 48 pages. Paperback