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New England Cookbook

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New England Cookbook

The New England Cookbook of Fine Old Yankee Recipes

Originally published in 1936, this collection contains 340 fine old New England recipes. It is the fourth in Asher Creek’s series of rediscovered classic regional cookbooks. Many of these recipes are quite rare and unusual; all are delicious. Just a few examples of the recipes you will discover: Appetizers – Chicken Liver and Bacon Appetizers;  Clam Juice Cocktail;  Sardine Appetizer; Tomato and Crab Meat Canape’ and more. Bread and Biscuits – Amadama Bread;  Baking Powder Biscuits;  Bannocks;  Bishop’s Bread;  Boston Brown Bread;  New England Cheese Puffs;  Boston Corn Cake;  Maple Syrup Gingerbread;  Vermont Graham Bread;  Hasting Pudding Biscuits;  Johnny Cake;  Palac Sint;  Parker House Rolls;  Sour Cream Biscuits;  Quick Tea Rolls, and more. Cakes, Pies and Pastries – Butternut Cake;  Caramel Cake;  Old Hartford Election Cake;  Cambridge Favorite Cake; Honey Cake; Tutti-Frutti Cake;  Deep Dish Apple Pie;  Banbury Tarts;  Boston Cream Pie;  Maple Sugar Pie;  Sour Cream Raisin Pie;  Squash Pie, and more. Egg and Cheese Dishes – Egg Frizzle;  Eggs Fairlee;  Creamed Eggs in Patty Shells;  Sailor’s Omelet;  Rinktum Teddy and more. Fish and Sea Food – Provincetown Clam Fritters;  Hyannis Clam Pie;  Falmouth Codfish Cakes;  Provincetown Creamed Codfish;  Crab Flake Timbales;  Baked Eels;  Haddock with Oyster Stuffing;  Salt Dry Herrings;  Kedgeree;  Lobster;  Mackerel;  Baked Pickerel; Shad;  Scrod;  Scallops;  Smelts;  Scallops;  Salt Salmon with Cream; 9 different Oyster recipes, and many more. Fritters and Pancakes – Buckwheat Cakes; Corn Fritters;  Fried Cornmeal Mush;  Currant Flap Jacks;  Maine Rye Pancakes, and more. Fruits, Vegetables and Potatoes – Baked Asparagus Loaf;  Boston Baked Beans;  Harvard Beets;  Boiled Green Corn;  Corn Oysters;  Jagasee;  Stewed Mushrooms;  Creamed Onions;  Squash Cakes;  Mashed Turnips;  Succotash;  Duchess Potatoes;  Harwichport Potatoes;  Lyonnaise Potatoes, and more. Icings, Fillings, Jams, Jellies and Relishes – Cream Filling; Maple Icing;  Bar-le-Duc;  Spiced Currants;  Kennebunk Pickle;  Paradise Jelly;  Mince Meat; Rhubarb Marmalade;  Wine Jelly; Winter Relish;  Tomato Relish, and more. Meats – Falmouth Bacon and Codfish Cakes;  Pot Roast;  Rib Roast;  Beefsteak Pie;  New England Boiled Dinner;  New England Beef Stew;  Meat Pie;  Creamed Sweetbreads with Mushrooms;  Smoked Tongue with Spinach;  Casserole of Tripe;  Fried Salt Pork, and more. Poultry and Game – Chicken and Oyster Pie;  Pot Pie;  Chicken Shortcake;  Roast Duck;  Guinea Hen; Roast Pigeons;  Plover; Quail; Rabbit;  Snipe;  Turkey;  Venison;  Woodcock, and more. Stuffings and Dumplings – New England Dumplings;  Fish Stuffing;  New England Stuffing;  Vermont Stuffing Puddings and Deserts – Apple Pandowdy;  Apple Roly-Poly Pudding;  Bird’s Nest Pudding;  Blackberry Flummery;  Blueberry Betty;  Brown Bread Pudding;  Cracker Pudding;  Hasty Pudding;  Baked Indian Pudding;  Thanksgiving Fruit Pudding;  Yorkshire Pudding, and more. Salads, Sauces and Dressings – Cole Slaw;  Halibut Salad;  Herring Salad;  Lobster Salad;  Maine Salad;  Bearnaise Sauce;  Bread Sauce;  Hot Slaw Dressing;  Hyannis Pudding Sauce;  Hard Sauce;  Maple Syrup Pudding Sauce;  Brown Gravy (2); Cocktail Sauce (2); Strawberry Sauce (2); Pineapple Mint Sauce, and more. Small Cakes and Cookies -Backbay Cookies;  Baptist Cakes;  Connecticut Crullers;  New Eng. Doughnuts;  Ginger Snaps;  Hermit Cookies;  Shrewsbury Cakes;  Sugar Cookies (3); Tea Danties;  Trilbies, and more. Soups and Chowders – Asparagus Soup; Baked Beans and Tomato Soup;  Clam Chowder;  Oyster Chowder; Baked Oyster Soup;  Ox Tail Soup; Carrot Soup;  Fish Chowder, and more. Originally published in 1936, this is the fourth in Asher Creek’s series of rediscovered classic regional cookbooks. 48 pages. Paperback