Registered Customers

For the convenience of our registered* customers


Open for business and hard at work 24-7 – 365 days a year.

  • Access digital, full color catalogs of our gift, toy and souvenir products and those of some of our factory partners. These catalogs can be accessed online for product reference and ordering ease directly through Fairway.
  • Access and print your order history, current availability and pricing information updated for your individual account.
  • Enter reorders and submit new orders directly through your personalized customer
    order/reorder form.
  • This application has been designed as an interactive reorder spreadsheet showing the last record of each active item purchased. See displayed current pricing, availability, product details and image, along with available substitutes if necessary.
  • You can easily enter reorder quantities and submit the completed spreadsheet directly
    from your computer to ours digitally for immediate processing!
  • This application also allows for you to “ADD” items not previously ordered through our search application. The SEARCH function will take descriptive words of 3-6 letters or numbers of 3-6 characters and return a list of items you can add. For example: If you are looking for Train Magnets, entering “TRAIN”, will give you a list of 38 items relating to Trains. Entering “MAGNET” will return over 2000 items, some of which are Train designs.
  • Obtain copies of both paid and unpaid invoices immediately as a printable document.
  • Direct online FedEx Tracking is available once your carton has been shipped. A directing link is available once the invoice has been created.
  • Download current copies of open Orders and Backorders as printable (.pdf) documents.
  • Once you have logged on you can choose your own password. If you have trouble logging on or using the web enabled tools, please call us at 800-325-0889 or contact us at: And don’t fear, we are here to help you the old fashioned way: Phone 800-325-0889 or Fax 800-828-3207. Area sales representatives continue to make personal sales calls for us as well.

*These new online services are only available to our registered wholesale accounts. Please call us if you need to setup an account, establish credit terms, lookup your account # or reset a password. We’ll be glad to help you set up an account with us.