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Fairway Manufacturing Co. 2024 Catalog - NEW!

We carry a large selection of souvenirs.  Native American Souvenirs, Coonskin Caps, Flags, Flocked Animals, Miner’s Helmets, Knives, Dream Catchers, Beaded Jewelry, Leather Goods, Patches, Magnets, Custom Souvenirs and more.

Fairway Mfg. Co. 2023 Custom Gifts Catalog

With over 1,300 total items, we are your one stop shop for promotional products and ideas. Custom gifts like custom electronics, embroidered hats, totes and bags, apparel, custom labeled food and so much more.

Fairway Mfg. Co. Custom 2023 Drinkware Catalog

Custom Glasses, wine glasses, pint glasses and more.  We have a large selection of carnival cups, travel mugs and more.  Every drinkware product you can think of, we’ve got.

Fairway Mfg. 2023 Floating View Pens Catalog

Custom Floating View Pens or “Floaty Pens” are a fantastic impulse buy item.  These pens are highly collectible and look fantastic.  With a high ROI, they are the perfect souvenir.

Fairway Mfg. 2021 Custom Vinyl Gifts Catalog

Custom Key Tags, bag tags, office and personal gifts and calendar magnet are great for souvenirs and giveaway gifts for any company.  Low minimums make these a great idea to get your brand out there to the masses.

Fairway Mfg. 2021 Keystone Custom Catalog

Custom imprint your logo or campground name on our large selection of Water Bottles, Tote Bags, Calendars, Golf Balls, Badge Holders for conventions, First Aid Kits, Frisbees, Calendars & MORE.  

Fairway Mfg. 2023 Custom Spoon & Shield Catalog

State or custom shields can be added to bronze pencil sharpeners, bells, key chains, spoons, sheriff badges, letter openers and more.  Collectors love these products so why not get some for your gift shop today!

Fairway Mfg. State & City Playing Cards 2023 Catalog

State, city, themed and match games are available.  these make great souvenirs and are perfect for impulse purchases at the register.  Family’s love to play  cards, so be sure to stock them in your gift shop.

Fairway Mfg. 2023 Custom Wooden Magnets Catalog

American state wood magnets, key chains, vinyl US state magnets, US state stickers and more.  If you need state souvenirs, you want to check out this catalog.

Fairway Mfg. 2023 Custom Vinyl Magnet Catalog

Custom designed vinyl magnets, United States 1-5 color vinyl state magnets, and more.  You can design your own or use one of our stock magnets and add your name to it. The possibilities are endless.

Fairway Mfg. 2023 Ozark Souvenir & Gifts Catalog

Ozark and Hillbilly rustic gifts made from cedar and metal. Cedar rubber band guns and rifles, metal puzzles and humorous hillbilly gifts.  Various Wood walking sticks that can be custom made for your state or business.

Fairway Mfg. 2022 Cooking, Folklore & Music Catalog

Old fashioned cook books, song books and old time American folklore.  These books are a great addition to your impulse by section or as a book nook within your shop.  Historical, fun and the recipes aren’t too bad either.

2023 Billy-Bob Novelty Gifts Catalog

Redneck, hillbilly, vampire, zombie and other crazy teeth. Werewolf and Zombie items and costumes. Novelty baby pacifiers/binkies. This catalog has all kinds of funny items in it. Check it out today!

Fairway Mfg. 2023 Jewelry Catalog

Our Jewelry line is extensive.  Native American designs, copper bracelets, silver bracelets, semi-precious stone necklaces and bracelets are abound.  Make sure you look at this catalog before you go.  You won’t be sorry you did.

Fairway 2022 Bandana Catalog

Great bandannas as great prices.  Check out our full line of bandanna, dew rags, Hav-A-Danna head wraps, BodyKoolerz and Hav-A-Hank.  Camouflage print bandannas, animal print bandannas and more!

Fairway Mfg. 2021 Toys Catalog

This catalog is full of Arts and Crafts, Games, educational toys and more.  Great for gift shops and craft shops.  This is a must see catalog for anyone looking for creative and interesting gifts and toys for their gift shop.

Fairway Mfg. 2022 Water Toys Catalog

This catalog is full of water toys that are perfect for water parks, pools and campgrounds. Squirt guns, water balloons, pool toys, pool noodles and more!  Be sure to look at this catalog for great ideas to add to your gift shop this summer.  Beat the heat with fun water toys to keep you cool.

Fairway Mfg. 3D Custom Magnets 2023 Catalog

3D is right!  These magnets are amazing.  They can light-up, flash or move! They even have fur, flock or any other textured material on them.  If you’re looking for a great addition to your line, these magnets are it!