Souvenir & Gift Catalogs


Fairway Manufacturing Company’s Current Souvenir Catalogs

Fairway carries a huge selection of souvenir products.  Our catalogs contain our full line of products.  From Native American souvenirs and toys to custom imprinted glassware and mugs to vinyl key rings, we carry everything you need to fill your gift shop with high quality souvenirs and gifts.  You can sign up today and start purchasing.  All you need is a valid US tax ID number and credit references.  Give us a call today at 1-800-325-0889 and let us help you put the right products into your shop.   Live in another country and are interested in purchasing from us?  No problems.  We’re always excited to work with non-US businesses.


If you’re interested in having your own catalogs created by us, please visit our Souvenir Catalogs website