Custom Souvenir and Gifts Catalogs

2020 Customs Full Catalog PDF ONLY

This is a large file as the book is 300 pages.  We recommend you look through the other catalogs listed on this page before looking at this one.  We have broken down the sections for you so you can find what you want quicker and more efficiently.  As always, call our customer support team at
800-325-0889 with any questions about products found on this page.

2020 Custom Hats & Scarves Catalog

Looking for custom quality embroidered baseball hats, bucket hats or trucker hats? How about knit winter caps or scarves with your custom logo?  Sell something unique in your gift shop. We have a great selection of custom hats and scarves.

2020 Custom Totes, Bags & Duffles

Custom designed totes, Grocery Bags, Fanny Packs, Messenger Bags, Laundry Bags and Duffel Bags. Perfect for every gift shop.  Need environmentally friendly totes for your grocery business or bags for your gift shop with your logo on it?  We have a huge selection of totes and bags in this catalog.

2020 Custom Amenities Catalog

Great Custom Imprint Products for your gift shop. Hot/cold packs, candles, spa sets/Travel Comfort Accessories, Shoe Accessories, Lint Rollers, Mirrors, Combs and brushes, Nail Files, Nail Clippers/Manicure Sets, Sewing Kits, Thermometers, Pill Cases and First Aid Products. Stock up today on these great products.

2020 Custom Ceramic Mugs

From 10oz mugs to 20oz mugs, you’ll find a great selection of coffee/tea mugs. Spoon mugs are perfect for soup! Be sure to check out our great variety of specialty mugs in this catalog.  While we do sell others in another catalog, these are really great for the price.

2020 Custom Umbrella Catalog

Custom imprinted umbrellas with your name or logo on them.  What a fabulous way to advertise. From 44″ to 60″. Tons of colors to choose from.  It always rains somewhere so be sure to add this product to your gift shop for those unexpected rainy days when your customers NEED an umbrella to stay dry.

2020 Custom Sunglasses Catalog

Fun in the sun requires sunglasses.  We carry a large selection of custom imprint sunglasses perfect for sunny days.  Rubberized sunglasses, Malibu style sunglasses that can be imprinted on the arm or lenses of the sun glass. Many styles and ways to put your attraction or campground name or image on these great eye-wear.  We even have cases and clips you can add your logo to.

2020 Custom Plush & Novelty Catalog

Get some cool Novelty and Plush products for your gift shop. We have a great selection of Fidget Spinners (Fun Spinners), Fidget Cubes (Fun Cubes) Stuffed Animals like Bears, Eagles, Cows, Gators, Rams and many more.  We also carry Adult coloring books, Rally Towels, Silicone Bracelets, Stress balls and Relievers, playing cards, electric fans, beach balls and waterproof pouches.  These are perfect for souvenirs as they will fit in any size suitcase.

2020 Custom Drinkware Catalog

Custom imprinted drinkware is always great as a souvenir. Aluminium bottles and mugs, various plastic water bottles and cups. Perfect for campgrounds and fairs as well as amusement parks

2020 Custom Outdoors Catalog

Great outdoor products for imprinting your campground or attraction name on. Chairs, blankets, beach towels, golf accessories, bottle and can coolies and more. Great quality, great prices!

2020 Custom Electronics Catalog

Stock custom imprinted electronic gadgets in your gift shop. Cables, chargers, speakers and more.  Customize jump drives and put images from your attraction on it for a souvenir. The Sky and internet is your only limits to these great gadgets!

2020 Custom Pens and Pencils Catalog

Custom imprinted pens, pencils, crayons and other writing implements.  Put your company name and logo on various sets or single pens and pencils. Unique ideas with a great ROI.